Do you know anyone so jaded, so elitist in their ways, that they have to pick apart and magnify any perceived flaw (key word, perceived) because admitting they enjoy something might let the world know they aren’t really the super existential nihilist they portray on social media? Someone so wrapped up in their own internal logic that seeing it breakdown brings you a warped sense of satisfaction?

Like, just be real. Enjoy yourself. Who is that act for?

Related, do you know anybody so out of their mind that you know it isn’t an act and their life is just riddled with bizarre personal preferences, coated generously with an oily layer of hypocrisy? A person who says they are not a thing but by observing their actions they are totally that thing?

I mean, what’s more punk rock than telling someone the definition of punk rock? Irony in living color.

But Nick, isn’t this post a perfect example of what you’re talking about? Yelling about definitions while defining them yourself?

To which I say- new page up tomorrow!