What is Scatterville?

Its not the destination, its the journey; the friends we meet along the way. That’s a thing people say…right? In a world where humanity and sentient robots live together, one robot tries to rise above his past; a past he doesn’t fully remember. Will his programming allow it? Does he even have programming? In the ultimate battle of nature vs. nurture, will one bot be civilization’s savior, destroyer or apathetic bystander, as it all comes crashing down?

Let’s find out.

Scatterville has been a story, in one form or another, since approximately 2007. (Time is a wild thing) Just when I figure the misadventures of Proton, a (not so) Happy Robot, are done bouncing off the inner walls of my skull, *something* makes me wonder how this crude bucket of bolts would handle the current world we’ve been dealt, and my mind is off to the races. All it takes is rereading a few forgotten pages to filter a hefty dose of nostalgia through my bloodstream to coerce me in to picking up where I left off, and that’s exactly what’s going on here. This amalgamation is going to run the gambit; origin stories, subterfuge, romance, betrayal and…demons? (probably demons) Not to mention, just how many parallel universes will hang in the balance? Do all roads lead to Scatterville?

Again, let’s find out.

To my closest friends and family, those whom I have repeatedly swarmed and annoyed with several unsolicited story ideas of varying levels of quality over the years and to those whom I have yet to meet and hope to do the same, thank you for putting up with me. Expect a few more robot drawings in your future. Or past? Is time travel going to be involved here?

Let’s. Find. Out.